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Artists By Genre: Calypso

Bob Marley & The Wailers

Harry Belafonte

Jimmy Cliff

Eddy Grant

Gregory Isaacs

Dennis Brown

George McCrae

Freddie McGregor

Tim Timebomb

Pérez Prado and His Orchestra

Jamaican Steel Band

The Melodians

The Mighty Sparrow

The Skatalites

The Heptones

Eric Morris

Horace Andy


The Paragons

Byron Lee

The Ethiopians


Peter Ram

Lord Kitchener

Henri Salvador

Millie Small

Calypso Rose

Yami Bolo


Derrick Morgan

Blind Blake

The Sign Posters

Los Tres Diamantes

The Jolly Boys


The Merrymen

Freddy Quinn

Laurel Aitken

Pat Kelly

Don Drummond

Nigel Lewis

Jackie Edwards

Roy Cape

Lord Creator

Edmundo Ros

Lord Melody

Super Blue

Herbert Howard

Norman Luboff Choir

Lord Tanamo

Edmundo Ros and His Orchestra

Roland Alphonso

Lord Invader

Sandra Cross

Stranger Cole

Lord Nelson

Kenny J

Louise Bennett

John McLean


Black Stalin

Lord Invader & His Calypso Band


Vivian Jones

The Duke of Iron

Leslie Scott



Andre Toussaint

Justin Hinds

Christine Thomas

Calypso Mama


The Marionettes Chorale

Paul Guerra

Wilmoth Houdini

Baldhead Growler

Shirley Stewart

Johnny Moore's Three Blazers

The Silvertones

The Amoco Renegades

Small Island Pride

Count Lasher

Jamaica All Stars

Denyse Plummer

The Brute Force Steelband


King Radio

Macbeth The Great

Baba Brooks

Lord Messam & His Calypsonians

Kurt Allen

Calypso Clippers


Sister Audrey


Hubert Porter

Samaroo Jets

King Fighter

Lord Flea & His Calypsonians

Lord Tickler

Neal & Massy Trinidad All Stars Steel Orchestra

Sir Lancelot

Mighty Panther

Lionel Belasco

Atilla the Hun


The Tiger

Lord Beginner

Lord Pretender

Signal Hill Alumni Choir

Growling Tiger

The Four Deuces

Delroy Williams

John "Buddy" Williams Band

Bob Azzam et son Orchestre

Trevor Hartley

Steve Sealy

Sam Manning

Lord Commander

Anselm Douglas

The Growler


Petrotrin Phase II Pan Groove Steel Orchestra

Alejo García


La Divina Pastora

Soca Rebels

Roger George

Calypso Awakening

Mighty Terror

Duke of Iron

The Mighty Bomber

The Lion

The Graduates Steelband

Lord Brynner


Nicla Di Bruno


Rising Stars

Bedasse with Chin’s Calypso Sextet

Eunice Peters

Reid, Wright and be Happy

Anderson Blood Armstrong

Belasco's Orchestra

The Wrigglers

The Sparrow

Roy Cape All Stars

King Socrates


The Executor


Lord Christo

The Samaroo Jets Steel Orchestra

His Chorus

Gospel Praise Family


San Jose Serenaders

Louis Antico And His Orchestra

Hummingbirds Pan Groove

The Terror

Paula Dion

Bedasse with The Local Calypso Quintet


Clem Haynes

The Wigglers

Nathan Russell

Harold Richardson

Kazz Flow

Count Lasher's Seven

Nap Hepburn

Bedasse with The Calypso Quintet

Chin’s Calypso Sextet

The Nite Life Caribbean Jazz Ensemble

Duke Errol & The Lords

Armando De La Trinidad Y Su Orchestra Antillana


Authentic Calypso Band

The Mighty Cypher

Lord Lebby

Black Czar

The Charmer

Mighty Sparrow

André Toussaint

Chato Puente Y Su Conjunto

Lord Fly & The Dan Williams Orchestra

Dave Burgess & His Carribeans

Kiskedee Trio

Sim Simma

Young Growler

Bernard Hilda y Su Orquesta

Lord Messam

Boysie Grant & Reynold's Calypso Clippers

Roz Croney

Rio Claro

Two-Gun Smokey

Attila the Hun

Sparrow's Troubadours

Joe Loco Band


Catelli Trinidad All Stars

Count Lasher with Charlie Binger & His Calypsonians

Peanuts Taylor

Wayne Rodriguenz


Alain Jean Marie

The Wrigglers Feat Ernest Ranglin

Bedasse & The Jamaican Calypsonians


The Island Champions

Santa Theresa

Brian Honore

Clive Zanda

Vasco de Freitas

George Brown

McCallum High School Knights of Steel

Fertrin Pandemonium

Trío Montenegro

The Mighty Skipper

David Bereaux

Soka Kartel

Mr. Chucky

Lord Canmy

Hurricane Turbos


Phillip Murray

Mighty Duke & The Lords

Hubert Smith & His Coral Islanders

Hubert Porter & The Tower Islanders

Jamaica Johnny


Leon Roach

Stecia Mayanja

Buck 1

Kurtis Gross

The Marionettes Chorale and Neal & Massy Trinidad All Stars Steel Orchestra

Harold Richardson With The Ticklers

George Martin And His Orchestra

Mr Blood

Lord Spectacular