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Artists By Genre: Ragtime

Richard Sanders

Duke Ellington

Glenn Miller

Dinah Washington

Django Reinhardt

Scott Joplin

Artie Shaw

Al Jolson

Fats Waller

United States Marine Band

Tommy Dorsey

Sidney Bechet

Walter Murphy

Art Tatum

Jelly Roll Morton

Woody Herman

Ethel Waters

Eddie Cantor

Piero Umiliani

Xavier Cugat

Guy Lombardo & His Royal Canadians

Fred Waring & The Pennsylvanians

Annie Ross

Albert Ammons

Jorgen Ingmann

Ian Whitcomb

James P. Johnson

David Thomas Roberts

Johnny Maddox

George Lewis

Arthur Smith

Chris Barber

Irving Aaronson and His Commanders

Jelly Roll Morton & His Red Hot Peppers

Gunther Schuller

Jo Ann Castle

Rick Benjamin

Freddy Martin

Eubie Blake

Brian Holland

Martha Tilton

The New Orleans Ragtime Orchestra

Billy Murray

Eddie Condon

The Dorsey Brothers Orchestra

Eddy Duchin

Bob Crosby

Del Wood

Blair Crimmins and The Hookers

Larry Clinton

Pee Wee Hunt

John Thorne

Ragtime Music Unlimited

Horace Heidt & His Musical Knights

Barbara Lea

Todd Anderson

Alexander's Ragtime Band

Richard Zimmerman

Winifred Atwell

The Paragon Ragtime Orchestra

Russ Conway


Frank Crumit

The Gaslight Orchestra

Crazy Otto

Bryan Wright

Joe "Fingers" Carr

Martin Spitznagel

Ginny Simms

The Original Memphis Five

Roger Wolfe Kahn and His Orchestra

Harry Reser

Harry Reser

Benny Davis

Eva Taylor

Gil Imber

Jackie Cain

Morten Gunnar Larsen

Mimi Blais

Joe Fingers Carr

Miguel Pineda-Van Gelder

Blue Barron and His Orchestra

Kid Ory's Creole Jazz Band

Arthur Collins

Susan Nigro

Archived Academy

Bennie Moten

The Charleston All Stars

Good Co

Francia Jazzline Orchestra

Irving Fields

Tom Brier

Keith Nichols

Ophelia Ragtime Orchestra

Leo Reisman

Jack Norworth

Wicked Knee

Albert Nicholas

Jane Green

Bill Coleman

Jazz Music Crew

New Orleans Ragtime Band

Tony Caramia

Marc Reift Philharmonic Wind Orchestra

Arthur Gibbs & His Gang

Budapest Ragtime Band

David A. Jasen

Pepe Castillo y Su Orquesta

Porteña Jazz Band

Neville Dickie

Vess L. Ossman

The Boogie Woogie Trio

The Ragtime Rumours

Richard Himber

CC Smugglers

Patricia T. Holmberg

Dick Jurgens

Tony Parenti

Pam Pameijer's New Jazz Wizards

Red Rose Ragtime Band

Prince's Band

John Gill's Novelty Orchestra of New Orleans

Terry Waldo

Joseph Howell

Alexander Honky-Tonk Band

The First Hope

Jim Turner

The New England Ragtime Ensemble

The New Century Ragtime Orchestra

Elsie Janis


Frankie Froba

The Peerless Orchestra

The Original Indiana Five

Anson Weeks

Eubie Blake & His Protégés

Caballero Reynaldo

Pryor's Band

Patricia Holmberg

Jonathan Starkey

Eric Breton

Brennen Ernst

Alex Hassan

Ragtime Players

Gottlieb's Orchestra

John W. "Knocky" Parker

St. Louis Ragtimers

The Band of H.M. Coldstream Guards

Paul Asaro

Harry Clark

Onesimé Grosbois

Mort "joplin" Scott

Benny Vasseur & André Paquinet

Jason Jeter

Dick & Dorothy Rogers

Marcus Schwarz

Pietro Frosini

Knocky Parker

Paul Whitman

The Zonophone Concert Band

Bennett Sayles

Steve Pistorius

The Ragtime Rags

Emil Coleman & His Orchestra

The Versatile Four

The Hamilton Sisters

Kris Tokarski

Barfota Jazzmen

The Royal City Saxophone Quartet

Armadillo Rag

Georges Jouvin and His Orchestra

Hirsch's Ragtime Band

Cromática Pistona

Vince Alexander

The Two Bobs

The Walter B. Rogers Orchestra

Foul Mouth Jethro Tumbleweed

Maurice Imhof

The Three Rascals

Burt Earle

Jean-Pierre Sasson

Los Angeles Pierce College Symphonic Winds

Norman Thatcher's Ragtime Band

The Roaring Entertainers

Will Perkins

The Zonophone Orchestra

Cinch Military Band


University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire Symphony Band

Blue Note Crusaders

The Hedges Brothers And Jacobson

Edgar Cantrell

Victoria Monks

Swiss Ragtimers

Pioneer Saloon

Roy Mickleburgh

Barrel Finger Barry

Roger's Band

The Wintergarten Orchestra

Elliott Adams

Vika Band

Jazz Day Band

Murray's Ragtime Trio

Black Diamonds Band, Peerless Orchestra

Hager's Orchestra

Bill Brohn

Eddie Barefield

Frances Trocaine

Stephen Rucker

Jay Whidden &His Hotel Metropole New Midnight Follies Band

Jack Marshard

Armand Gordon Et Son Ragtime Jazz-Band

Ross Garboushian

Tony Morello