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TobyMac ~ Scars

TobyMac ~ Scars

Uploader: music meets heaven

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Duration: 4:24

Date: September 28, 2018

TobyMac ~ Scars (Lyrics)

"Lift your head to where your help comes from"

all rights belong to TobyMac! No copyright intended.
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Had you on my mind
I had a little time
I know we kinda overdue
Turning back the pages
To our younger days
Yeah, I can still imagine you
Boomin’ like the thunder
Chasin’ life with wonder
With fire that could light a room
Bottom kinda fell out
Waited for the rebound
But you never made a move

When life cuts so deep
Try and remember

You, you’re not alone
We’ve all been there
Scars come with livin’
You, you’re not alone
We’ve all been there
So, lift your head, lift your head
Lift your head to where your help comes from
You, you’re are not alone
We’ve all been there
Scars come with livin’

Life ain’t got no sequel
We all broken people
The only road to found is lost
Ain’t no shame in trying
Passion never counts the cost
Now you won’t take my phone calls
You won’t text me back at all
I just wanna see you
I can’t stand to see you gone
Yesterday I missed you
Yesterday I played your song
I’m oversimplifying
I’m oversimplifying

It doesn’t matter who you are
This world gon’ leave some battle scars



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