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5 BIGGEST YouTube Cover Artist Collaborations

5 BIGGEST YouTube Cover Artist Collaborations

Uploader: Zephyr's Tune

Duration: 20:03

Date: August 01, 2015

"Every Artist Has a Dream" - ARTIST LINKS BELOW
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This video features 33+ YouTube cover artists! I hope you enjoy and take the time to watch the whole video to experience every one of these amazing artists! Search on YouTube for any artist(s) you love from this video! They are all very talented and have great content! #aspiretofly

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Video times: 0:19, 4:10, 9:55, 14:16, 16:25

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(Videos is NO particular order)

Video time shortcuts:
Boyce Avenue - One Life: http://bit.ly/1KIlLhs
Bohemian Rhapsody Cover: http://bit.ly/1fVgIfS
Some Nights Cover: http://bit.ly/1HgG1Pp
Hard Knock Life Cover: http://bit.ly/1OWlLJa
One More Night Cover: http://bit.ly/1VUoUy7

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YouTube is full of countless pioneering artists. They prove that dreams can come true and that you can change the world; especially through music. They have definitely proven that dreams can be achieved through perseverance and passion. They are also, a community.

All the artists are pursuing, achieving and living their dreams and they are all a huge inspiration. I hope that the success of artists of YouTube can be seen as motivation for other potential artists to chase their dreams as well. As they all 'Aspire to Fly' #zephyrstune #bestcovers
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