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  3. THE STIXXX - FEAT. LINDEXIA, DOSKI WO AND WOLF "LIKE DEATH" on 2/15/14 Live at "The New Wings Café"

THE STIXXX - FEAT. LINDEXIA, DOSKI WO AND WOLF "LIKE DEATH" on 2/15/14 Live at "The New Wings Café"

THE STIXXX - FEAT. LINDEXIA, DOSKI WO AND WOLF "LIKE DEATH" on 2/15/14 Live at "The New Wings Café"

Uploader: THE STIXXX

Duration: 5:04

Date: March 02, 2014

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Here are the members of the band: SYN SOUNDZ, 9TH GUTTA AND WHITENOISE

Macon Ga, Has long been known as the home of such musical luminaries as Otis Redding, Little Richard, and The Alman Brothers. A town filled with a rich musical history, Macon was once the mecca for many aspiring artist. In years since, the music scene in the city has seemingly dwindled with each coming year. That is until recently, in recent years the city seems to have it's spark back. There has been a resurgence unlike anything seen in Macon, Ga in the last ten years. The city is booming with talent and there seems to be genuine interest and support from it's residents. At the forefront of the cities musical rebirth are three artists that came together to form what some have called a "super group". Local standouts Syn Soundz, 9th Gutta and WhiteNoise linked up to become "The Stixxx". After collaborating on a collection of songs to perform while on a tour of the mid-west opening up for former Hypnotize Minds artist Lil Wyte, underground legends Haystack and Brabo Gator and hot free agent Jellyroll. They found that they had a definite chemistry. The Stixxx unique sound is a combination of hip-hop, rock and country usually accompanied by diverse lyrical rhythms and catchy hooks to create their signature sound! The messages in the "The Stixxx" music are those of struggle, pain, triumph and redemption. "The Stixxx" explore the entire spectrum of life...from smiles to tears, relationships to growing pains, hard work to shooting the breeze and cutting loose on a cool southern night. They seek to represent the people and identify with the average man. Often compared to OutKast and Goodie Mob, The Stixxx are reminiscent of everything we loved about 90′s hip-hop infused with a shot of moonshine and southern intellect. Seeking to return their city to its former status as the premiere destination for southern artist The "Stixxx" take an honest approach to their music. Choosing to focus on the quality of their music and connecting with their audience rather than excess and bravado. They make music that everyone can relate to, and judging from the over half a million views they have received thus far on the video for their debut single "Crystal Meth Music" and their recent nomination for "best hip-hop artist" at the city's readers choice awards for 11th Hour Magazine they just may have become the voice of the average Joe in Macon, GA and soon the world. Look for "The Stixxx" on Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, eMusic, ReverbNation, facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Jango and Youtube.